17 New Meshes:  寵物店用品

♡ Canned Food for dogs_Stackable

♡ Dog Biscuit Bag

♡ Dog Treat Box

♡ Paw Balm Display

♡ Paw Balm Open

♡ Paw Balm_Stackable

♡ Pet Bed Large (Requires EP04 Cats & Dogs)

♡ Pet Bed Small (Requires EP04 Cats & Dogs)

♡ Pet Clothing_Hoodie

♡ Pet Clothing_Striped Shirt

♡ Pet Clothing_T-shirt

♡ Pile of Dog Beds

♡ Pile of Dog Toys

♡ Stacking Ceramic Bowls

Free:  2021/03/31

♡ Pet Shop Posters (EA Mesh Recolor) Download Free [X] 寵物店海報 免費

♡ Pet Care Art (EA Mesh Recolor) Download Free [X]  寵物壁畫 免費

P.S. Use Shift + ] to resize the items to fit the size that you wanted.

 安東尼寵物床組  會員獎勵


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