Sims 4 The Seafood Bar 海鮮餐廳 No CC


The Sims 4 Gallery  模擬工坊

Now up on the Gallery.  My Origin ID: RubyRed_1023

**Please enable “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot

請開啟bb.moveobjects on 密技, 之後再放置用地

Thank you for watching the video.  If you like my work, please subscribe my
Youtube channel here!   Thank you!

如果您喜歡我的作品 請關注我的Youtube 頻道 謝謝你們 •‿•

Expansion Packs Used:  使用的資料片

**Some heightened and free stand objects may lose their height after a new installation of the lot.
 If you want to have the same details like my screenshots. You can turn on bb.moveobjects cheat,
then grab the object and press 9 to move up, press 0 to move down, until it is at the height you want. 
If it is necessary, while holding the object, use Alt to place it off grid.

**在放置房屋後 一些物件的高度可能會與我的圖片不同, 
可以使用bb.moveobjects密技, 抓住物件並按9來升高物品, 按0來降低. 
按住ALT 可以隨意擺放物品.


  1. Super as usual Ruby Red, I do love it when I find you have done a new creation. You are the best. xx

    1. I am glad you like it! Thank you so much for the compliments! :) Hugs!

  2. Lovely as usual Ruby red - get better each time - shame no CC though, Have a good day . ;-)


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