Sims 4 Blue Moon Bowling Club 藍月保齡球之夜 (No CC)

Build + Decor + Download


Please enable “bb.moveobjects” before placing the lot

**Some heightened and free stand objects may lose their height after a new installation of the lot.
 If you want to have the same details like my screenshots. You can turn on bb.moveobjects cheat,
then grab the object and press 9 to move up, press 0 to move down, until it is at the height you want. 

If it is necessary, while holding the object, use Alt to place it off grid.

**在放置房屋後 一些物件的高度可能會與我的圖片不同, 
可以使用bb.moveobjects密技, 抓住物件並按9來升高物品, 按0來降低. 
按住ALT 可以隨意擺放物品.

Now up on the Gallery.  My Origin ID: RubyRed_1023

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Youtube channel here!   Thank you!

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  1. Welcome back Ruby Red I have so missed your amazing talent. I hope all is well and your family. You have just made my day - thank you. x

    1. Thank you so much, Nicola❤ It's my pleasure to share my work with you!

  2. welcome back, Ruby! we miss you :D


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