Sims3 The Witch's Potion Shop 女巫仙藥店


   Witch Song:  Come Little Children

這是莎拉女巫的店, 接下來呢~ 是莎拉女巫一天的生活照...

照慣例要找小孩來拐騙~ 但是現在的孩子都太聰明了 :P

失敗了沒關係 先吃點東西吧!

開始一天的工作~ 先洗衣服!!




魔鏡..魔鏡...誰是世界上最遜的女巫呢?  當然是妳啦 莎拉!!

甚麼魔鏡嘛!  回房間再繼續K書 繼續努力!

開店營業囉!........ 希望今天會有生意阿!  唉....

Built with all Eps up to Supernatural
 (No stuff packs).

使用的版本:  模擬市民3 , 世界歷險記, 夢想起飛, 夜店人生, 花樣年華,
完美寵物, 華麗舞台, 異能新世紀

EA Store items 物件:
River Rock Fireplace, Vineyard Vittles Shelf, Gothique Flower Vase,
Rustic Hanging Basket,
Once Upon a Time Cottage- Wisely the Owl Sculpture,
Once Upon a Time Cottage- Stories and Caps Wall Shelf,
Once Upon a Time Cottage- Guiding Light Lantern, Generation Clock,
Gothique Painting, Reynard The Raven, B. Harvard's Water Collection Set,
Soothsayer's Crystal Ball, Mystic Mushrooms.

DOWNLOAD the house  房屋下載

Download the witch's outfit  女巫的服裝下載:



  1. Hello Ruby Red, loved his creations, you could send some of your creations to me, so delighted with the delicacy of the details of the houses favor.Fiquei, you are a girl photographer, congratulations. A dear embrace.

    My email is;

    1. Hi Marcia, thank you so much for your lovely comment. There's a "download" button at the end of my each article. It will lead you to Mediafire than you can download my work from there.

  2. Hi Ruby, I really love your creations their so gorgeous! :) I was wondering were I could find the outfit you'r witch is wearing in these picture.

  3. Hi Mary, thank you so much for your nice comment. The witch's outfit is from:

  4. I love your is so artistic and well thought out...I think that my inner Sims junkie has been sated...for now. :-) (Kidding) wanted to say thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Martha! ^-^ You are very sweet!

  5. What specific CC did you use? Does the download have a "bundle" of sorts that already has the cc together?


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